Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools

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MOEMS® is one of the most influential and fun-filled math competition programs in the United States and throughout the world. More than 120,000 students from every state and 39 additional countries participate each year. The objectives of MOEMS® are to teach multiple strategies for out-of-the-box problem solving, develop mathematical flexibility in solving those problems, and foster mathematical creativity and ingenuity. MOEMS® was established in 1979 and is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization.

All awards packages will be sent out late April through mid May and will be received by all PICOS by the end of May.  Packages will include awards and certificates.  If you want the certificates earlier you may use the links below.


Click here to download participation certificate.


Click here to download template for student merge to participation certificate.

Available for Elementary and Middle School

(Grades 4-6) Division E

(Grades 6-8) Division M

Teams of up to 35 students.

Two Test Administration Formats

Paper tests for traditional settings

Online tests for remote settings

2024-2025 Fees & Deadlines

Early Bird Fee: Register and PAY IN FULL by July 31, 2024

United States/Canada/Mexico: $175.00

International Teams: $215.00

Standard Fee: Register by October 15, 2024

United States/Canada/Mexico: $200.00

International Teams: $240.00

Late Fee: Register by October 31, 2024

United States/Canada/Mexico: $250.00

International Teams: $290.00

Last Chance: Register after November 1, 2024

United States/Canada/Mexico: $300.00

International Teams: $340.00

2024- 2025 Season

 Dates are the same for Divisons E and M.

Contest Deadline for Score Entry
1November 11, 2024 – December 6, 2024March 31, 2025
2December 9, 2024 – January 3, 2025March 31, 2025
3January 6, 2025 – January 31, 2025March 31, 2025
4February 3, 2025 – February 28, 2025March 31, 2025
5March 3, 2025 – March 28, 2025March 31, 2025
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