Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools

MOEMS® OnLine Administration of Contests

PICOs (i.e. coaches), teachers, and interested parents can find here explanations and instructions enabling you to use the new MOEMS OnLine format for administering our contests.


1 Video: How to use ZOOM Chat to administer MOEMS contests

2 Document (Dec 1 version): Flowchart (accompanying #1 above)

3 Document: Alternate methods and a LINK to the "Practice Contest"

4 Document: Comparing MOEMS OnLine to MOEMS OnPaper

Use this link and passcode to view a video that details using ZOOM CHAT to admininster our contests:

Click on the MOEMS logo on the right for the " 2021 Flowchart" detailing how you can download the Google Form contest document and send it to your team members using your ZOOM Chat Room.

Click HERE or on the thumbnail at right for a detailed comparison of the two formats available to you-

the traditional MOEMS OnPaper and the new MOEMS OnLine. As a PICO you will have both formats available to you and you will decide whether to use one or the other or a combination of both formats with your team.

Click HERE or on the thumbnail at right for

Suggestions for alternate methods of delivering the contests to your team using ZOOM, Google Slides, and Schoology, A repeat of the link to "flowchart" discussed above, A link to the PRACTICE CONTEST for you and you team allowing you to familiarize yourself and your team before beginning the actual contests.