Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools

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The MOEMS® Contests


  • Two grade-appropriate divisions
    • Division E (grades 4-6)
    • Division M (grades 6-8)
  • If a team has any 7th or 8th graders, it must be in the DIVISION M.
  • If a team has NO 7th or 8th graders, we strongly recommend that it be in the DIVISION E.
  • NO team may have any student who has completed grade 8.
  • Teams may not be split between two divisions.


There are five contests, November through March, each with five questions.
PICOs have access to the contests one week before scheduled Olympiad date. Contests may be administered at the time and date chosen by the PICO* within a four-week window.

*Person In Charge Of Olympiads


  • Each team may have up to 35 students. (Many schools have more than one team.)


  • Schools, homeschools, and institutes may participate. 
  • Teams with members from more than one school are called “District Teams” or “Institute        Teams” and are not eligible for team awards.


MOEMS® On Paper (traditional administration) and MOEMS® Online administration include the same contest problems.

  • Contests consist of five non routine problems that must be completed in 30 minutes.
  • Students work alone, scoring 1 point for each correct answer.
  • Calculators, rulers, graph paper, and other aids or resources are not permitted. 
  • Problems introducing more advanced concepts include all necessary definitions.


  • PICO scores each contest and submits scores to MOEMS® using answer key provided.
  • Answer key provides detailed solution and follow-up questions that could be used for future team practices.
  • Our records will determine which awards are to be shipped after the last contest. STUDENT SCORE (0 – 25) is the number of problems answered correctly.
  • TEAM SCORE (0-250) is the sum of the ten highest student scores, taken after the fifth contest.
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