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Home There's no place like it.
MOEMS Mobile Information and many of our features in the palm of your hand.
General Information The Program An overview of MOEMS and what it means to you.
Contests The dates for this year's contests. The makeup and format of the teams and the contests.
Samples A recent E Division (gr 4-6) and a recent M Division (gr 7-8) contest.
Problem of the Month A new Olympiad style problem each month for fun and practice.
Awards Picture and description of each of the individual and team awards, pins, patches, placques, and certificates awarded by MOEMS.
Enrollment Enrollment form and instructions.
"What They Wrote" Comments and observations about the program written by teachers and students. Also an email feedback form for you to use.
MOEMS Personalities Resumes and photos of the MOEMS board members.
MOEMS Store Olympiad Books Math Olympiad Contest Problems Book Vol 1 by Dr. George Lenchner
Math Olympiad Contest Problems Book Vol 2 ed. by Richard Kalman
MOEMS® Contest Problems Vol 3 ed by Richard Kalman and Nicholas J Restivo
Creative Problem Solving in School Mathematics
AP© Books Description and FREE DOWNLOAD of AP© CALCULUS SOLUTIONS BOOK part II AB and BC 1971-1985 Edition by Judith Broadwin and Dr. G. Lenchner and AP© CALCULUS SOLUTIONS BOOK part II AB and BC 1986-2000 Edition by Judith Broadwin, Dr. G. Lenchner, and Martin Rudolph.
Items for Coaches Math-Tac_Toe Game
Latest Honor Roll printed and stapled.
Team Spirit Items Logo Cap
Logo T-Shirt
MOe Bendy Pen
Stress Relief Pencil
Additional Trophies Highest Individual Scorer Trophy(if more than 1 is needed for your team)
Honorable Mention Trophy
Run Your Own Tournament ! General Information We make it easy for your group to run its own tournament for 20-40 teams and100-200 students
Tournament Highlights The main features of the tournament.
Agreement The contract to run your own tournament.
Samples Sample questions from previous tournaments.
MOEMS in Media Photo Gallery

See Math Olympians and PICO's at work and play.
See MOEMS at conferences nationwide.

And add your photos for others to see.

in the News Reprints of published items concerning Math Olympiad teams and tournaments

How to present solutions to Math Olympiad problems.
Other podcasts useful or significant to coaches.
Contact us at to offer us your own podcasts or make suggestions.

Reviews What's being said by authorities about our books, our contests, our tournaments.
Professional Development Conferences Listing of Math Conferences featuring MOEMS presence or presentation.
PICO Forum Art of Problem Solving forum for MOEMS PICO's
PICO's Corner Enrollment Team enrollemnt information and forms.
Hints Tips and hints from experienced PICOs. A great resource for ideas about your team, conducting practices, the day of the contest, after season activities.
New Team - Intro Welcome to MOEMS. Information for the new PICO.
Tips for PICOs Suggestions to help the new PICO get off on the right foot.
All Team - Startup Welcome to season 2013-2014. Information for everyone.
Major Documents What Every Young Mathlete Should Know Terms and definitions used in the contests.
Organization and Procedures Our rulebook for Online Teams
Message to Parents Our description of our program for the students' parents
Login to ONLINE SCORING SYSTEM For those teams enrolled for ONLINE membership.
Newsletters and Honor Roll Archive Archive of this year's newsletters and Honor Roll for most recent year
Contact Us What's on your mind?