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Welcome to our 39th year of competition. Many leading teachers believe that solving problems is the best way to teach and learn mathematics. MOEMS® (the Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools ) is built upon this foundation.

PICO stands for Person In Charge of Olympiads. That's you - the person who will devote time, effort, and energy regularly to help your Math Olympians grow as problem solvers. We salute your commitment to help your students "be all that they can be" and extend our best wishes for an exciting, challenging, enjoyable, and mathematically worthwhile year.

To help you become aware of some details of MOEMS® and to help you prepare your students for the contests, HERE ARE THREE BASIC POINTS TO START:

1. COMMUNICATIONS: It is important that you study the following information carefully, since you will receive all materials (including practice materials and the contests) and submit all student data (including the scoring) via the Online Scoring System. For every team there are three critical pieces of information. All are needed before our computers can accept a student's scores.

    • Every team enrolled in Math Olympiads has a unique seven-digit Team ID number. Schools with more than one team will have a different Team ID for each team. Use the Team ID only for the team to which it was assigned.
    • Each PICO will receive a password to the Online Scoring System. (It is recommended that this be immediately changed to something more memorable.) For PICOs with more than one team, the password will give access to all teams coached by that PICO at that school.
    • The list number (1 - 35) assigned to each student tells our computers which line of the team's file is reserved for a given student.

To identify a specific student in a communication to MOEMS, both the team ID and line number must be used.


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If you cannot administer a contest on the scheduled date, do so as soon as possible after that date. The first paragraph of the September/October Newsletter contains some additional information. Record these dates on your calendar now.

3. CONTESTS: All contests will be posted to our website one week before the scheduled contest date. We will send you an email reminder at that time. Print out enough copies of the first two pages (the problems) for all participants. Print out one copy of the next two pages (the solutions) for grading the Math Olympiad. Keep the questions secret until you give the Olympiad; keep the solutions secret until you collect the student papers. IMPORTANT! These are copyrighted materials. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES may the actual contests or the individual problems and/or solutions be published in any form, including the internet.


    1. Tips for PICOs, which can help you to organize.
    2. Organization and Procedures (the Math Olympiad contest rules).
    3. Message to Parents (to help build support for the Math Olympiads).
    4. "What Every Young Mathlete Should Know" (definitions of terms used in the contests).
    5. Additional Study Resources:
    6. Enthusiasm builders: